Oilfield Training Center

Course Details

O&G Industry Awareness





A 4-hour awareness course providing non-technical personnel with a comprehensive overview of the terms and processes involved in the various branches and disciplines of the petroleum industry.

Beginning with the intriguing question “A Life Without Oil?”, the course takes participants on a fascinating journey starting from “the Nature of Oil and Gas”, passing through

Exploration and Drilling, Completions and Production, Refining and Transportation, before concluding with “Industry Structure and Development: The Future”.


On completion of the course, the competencies shall include, but not be limited to, the trainee being able to:

  • Understand the principles of 2D and 3D seismic exploration
  • Differences between exploratory drilling versus development and production drilling
  • Oil and Gas Field development and production
  • Transportation (pipeline, vessel, train)
  • Refining and Marketing including trading
  • Oil and Gas applications in modern society
  • Environment and Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Industry

Course Competency Assessment

At the completion of the course, attendees will be required to undertake a classroom assessment, created against the course competencies.


  • Nature of oil and gas: Crude oil / natural gas/upstream and downstream
  • Exploration: Formation of oil and gas/finding oil and gas
  • Drilling: Types of rigs/major rig systems/drilling operations/challenges
  • Completion and Production: Purpose and types/reservoir drives/recovery methods
  • Refining and transportation: A typical refinery/refining processes/getting product to market
  • Industry structure and development: Early industry/industry structure today/the oil and gas market in the future

Course Format

  • Classroom deliver with inter-active keypads
  • Group practical activities
  • Group interaction/discussion


Equipment Required


Designed For

All personnel involved with onshore and offshore facility’s to gain an understanding of the Oil and Gas Industry.