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Environmental Protection Awareness





The Environmental Protection Awareness Course is designed to show organisations the benefits of good environmental management and demonstrate the process of how workers can take steps to have a positive effect on the environment.


By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Identify the factors associated with the risks to the environment
  • Identify key legislation to help protect the environment
  • Identify the core elements of an environmental management system
  • Implement practical steps to protect the environment
  • Demonstrate commitment to the organisation’s environmental policy and objectives

Course Competency Assessment


  • Introduction to Environmental Awareness global warming, air pollution, water, cost reduction and future economic growth.
  • Legal Responsibilities legislation and enforcement.
  • Environmental Management policy and audit, setting targets, establishing operating procedures, allocating responsibilities to staff, staff training and reviewing performance.
  • Protecting the Environment energy, air pollution, water pollution and waste

Course Format

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Discussion/Class exercises
  • Hand-outs


Equipment Required


Designed For

This course is suitable for all businesses and workers of all levels, including managers, supervisors and employees.