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Course Details

Emergency Response





This course is provided to assist to participants in developing programs tailored to your company’s operation. We encourage participants expand, modify and customize this course as necessary to accomplish this goal.


Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

  • Understand the planning, development, and execution of an emergency plan, including relevant parties and processes
  • Identify and outline potential issues in an emergency response situation
  • Appreciate the roles and responsibilities of the emergency planning specialist

Course Competency Assessment


  • Written & Practical Assessment
  • The emergency response organization
  • Emergency centers
  • Alarm and mobilization
  • Accident investigation / preservation of evidence
  • Stations emergency procedures
  • Humanitarian response
  • Cultural differences
  • Public relations procedures
  • Technical support
  • Information center
  • Special assistance team center
  • Property handling
  • Security procedures
  • Insurance, legal, financial procedures
  • Response plan implementation

Course Format

This course gives you practical experience using interactive exercises and case studies.


Equipment Required


Designed For

  • Emergency planning managers or inspectors
  • Station managers
  • Emergency and family assistance managers or coordinators
  • Operations managers And
  • Individuals who wish to gain an insight into emergency procedure and attain a certificate of attendance.